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 Rita Laurel, Mesa AZ


"For some reason my monitor stopped working. I called MyTechspert. Within minutes of arriving at my house, MyTechspert had fixed it! While he was there, he also showed me how to scan a picture and attached it to an email so i could send it to my daughter in Idaho! It's nice to know I've got someone to call that can help."



 Libby Johnson, Mesa AZ


"I couldn't get my laptop to work. It kept restarting for no reason. MyTechspert was able to explain the issue to me and showed me how to prevent it in the future. I also had him make sure I didn't have any viruses on my computer. I totally recommend MyTechspert!"



 Amanda Paige, Phoenix AZ


"I just had a website built. I wanted to learn how to update it myself. I called MyTechspert. He advised me on what scanner and software to buy. He showed me how to scan photos and optimize them for use on my website. Then he showed me how to upload everything to my website. MyTechspert was very patient with me and very helpful. I'm sure I'll be calling him for other things in the future!"


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