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What is a Techspert™?


Techsperts are highly proficient at using, maintaining and tutoring on a variety of hardware or software programs. No two Techsperts are alike. We make sure that we send a Techspert that has the ability to either solve your issue or give you the training you need. Most Techsperts are regular people. In otherwords, they aren't the typical "geek" you may be expecting. Techsperts come from all walks of life and usually have fulltime careers in the real world. Being a regular person is very helpful when talking to another regular person! Also, Techsperts really love what they can do on computers and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Whether you'd like a Techspert to fix a problem or show you how to do it, they are all highly capable and helpful.


Is there a minimum order?


No. The cost comes out to be around 99¢ per minute (okay - a buck), whether you need help for a minute or a few hours. The only additional cost is a $10 Traveler Fee to cover gas & auto maintenance if you need a Techspert on a different day that when they are servicing in your area. Oftentimes we can solve your issues right over the phone!


Do you have a discount program?


No. No need. Our pricing is very competitive if not down right ridiculously inexpensive for the service you receive!


What are your hours of operation?


We set appointments around YOUR schedule. Most any time of day, we can help you. We do try to schedule on certain days that Techsperts are available in your area to save you the cost of the $10 Traveler Fee.


Is sales tax added?


There is no sales tax added.


What are your hours of operation for scheduling appointments?


8:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time


How can I speak with a representative of MyTechspert?


You may simply call us at 480-788-6553 or send a request for contact HERE.


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